Vans Shoes

I already have 4 pairs of these shoes, they are so comfortable to wear, and I love the vast array of different colours and patters. The ones I have are purple, purple and green, checkerboard and “tea party” which is just some floral pattern. I love these:

I’ve just brought these last week, they’re Star & Stripes, I’m assuming in celebration of July 4th


Buy from Schuh from around £35-£45 (plus student discount!)


Awesome Things I Want

1.Tetris Post-It Notes
I love Tetris, and I love the handi-ness of post-it notes. Buy on Suck UK for £7.50

2.Lego Notice Board
For keeping all my notes somewhere, even comes with Lego magnets! Buy on Present Provider for £33.95

3.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tshirt
I want some kind of retro looking TMNT tee, something like this one (for men) from 8Ball but I can’t seem to find one.

New Stuff: Wii U & Kasabian “Switchblade Smiles”

Tonight the Nintendo Wii’s successor was unveiled, the Wii U. The biggest difference is a new controller, a touch screen tablet, that you can also play your game on, freeing you from the TV; it also includes a camera to make playing with a TV seamless. Nintendo have also upped the graphics and online capabilities. I must say that its looking pretty awesome, I cant wait to try one out, and see the price, it will be launched in 2012.

Watch The Nintendo Wii U Demo
More information on

Also the first track from the new Kasabian album, Velociraptor, was played on Radio 1 this evening. In recent interviews they’ve made it clear that they wanted to move on from their last album, and by the sound of Switchblade Smiles, they have. It sounds more like their first album, kind of understated but underlined with fierceness; looking forward to hearing the rest of the album.

Listen to “Switchblade Smiles” on Zane Lowe’s page

Petition: Ban All Animal-Tested Cosmetics in the EU

Animal testing is an ugly business, especially when animals—like rabbits, mice and guinea pigs—are blinded and poisoned just to test a new lipstick or shampoo.

The European Union promised that from 2013, the sale of animal-tested cosmetics would be banned, meaning the EU would become the world’s first cruelty-free zone. An EU sales ban would also force companies around the world to stop animal testing or have their products removed from EU shop shelves. However, now EU decision-makers are looking to delay the ban by up to 10 years, meaning more unnecessary animal testing.

The Cruelty-Free 2013 petition has so far been signed by 50,747 people calling for an end to animal-tested cosmetics. Please add your name today.

For more information & to sign the petition, visit

Edward Scissorhands 20th Anniversary Art Tributes

I didn’t fall in love with Johnny Depp until I saw Edward Scissorhands, and it has remained my favourite Depp film since, this year marks the 20th anniversary of the film, which is being celebrated by a group of artists at Gallery Nucleus.

I really like this one called Infinite Music by Nicolas Duffaut.

This one isn’t part of the exhibition but I’ve always loved Dan May’s Portrait of a Gentle Man, see more of his art here

I think what draws me to them is that they’ve captured the how fragile Edward is, the scene when he punctures the water bed with his scissor hands always makes me so sad.

You can see the rest of the art from the exhibition at the exhibition page at & Scissorhands20th blog on blogger