Kasabian Live Lounge Recording & O2 Academy Leicester

It was Kasabian day yesterday as part of the Radio 1 student tour, not surprisingly being proud Leicester lads, they opted to play at University of Leicester. Queuing from early morning for 8 hours to buy tickets to the evening show and being a UOL student meant I  managed to snag tickets to both events.


We had to get to the university bar for 9am, for the live lounge recording, now Ive never been to such an event/gig where I was the only one queueing, still it meant I had the first choice of where to stand. When we got inside the Radio 1 people were making people stand around where Fearne Cotton was talking but I just stayed around the performance area.


It was a long wait, made even longer by having to listen to Fearne’s show, but when Kasabian did play they were excellent, they played part of Re-wired for the soundcheck and Re-wired and a cover of Lana Del Rey’s Video Games. It sounded amazing just being in a tiny room with them and around 100 people. Inbetween songs they sat there talking to each other and playing their instruments.

We had to listen to Zane Lowe do his show live from Leicester’s O2 Academy before Kasabian’s set, including some questionable record choices considering he was infront of a Kasabian crowd. However before Kasabian came out he played Blur’s Song 2, so the crowd were pretty riled, then they came out and played Club Foot, everyone went mental.

They played a great set full of their singles, and a few from the new album, Velociraptor! and Days Are Forgotten was great and so was Goodbye Kiss, I think it was my favourite song. They were obviously happy to be playing Leicester, kept saying that they loved Leicester and the crowd went crazy for them, chanting for Leicester City FC. We were second row infront of Serge and gradually got pushed into the middle, the crowd just got worse as it went along, not even settling for the slower songs. Anyone who had travelled to the show could see how much Kasabian meant to the city.

Would love to see them again soon, although I’m doubtful by the size of their upcoming UK arena tour, aside from promotional shows such as this, that they’ll play Leicester again.

After the band left the stage, Tom stayed and talked about Leicester City FC and sang a football song.

Club Foot
Where Did All The Love Go?
Days Are Forgotten
Shoot The Runner
Man Of Simple Pleasures
Switchblade Smiles
Vlad The Impaler
Goodbye Kiss

My Videos

Goodbye Kiss
Vlad The Impaler (clip)


New Blog Post?!

Im thinking about resurrecting this blog, I think itll do me good to write things down.

Anywho, I actually went to uni today, with good intentions, even though I started at 4PM today and its a Betts lecture, I just cant listen to her. Half way through the 2 hour lecture we have to go to another lecture theatre so Claire suggested that when the first half is over we just run away (like A LOT of people do when they remember how crap her lectures are). So we went to the student union, had a drink and chatted for about an hour. We’ve decided to do this fornightly since we don’t have any workshop classes together anymore, feels ages since we’ve talked properly.

Shes also trying to convince me to donate blood next week, which I would but I faint so easily, I want to though, I think I might….I will if Laura comes with me to take me back home if it goes badly.

I really do hope that America does the right thing today.


Guns and Gangsters (Nottingham)

I have now spent a full 24 hours in my new term-time-home. Its bigger than I thought it would be but the kitchens are crap, we have 1 little fridge freezer for 6 people. So I’ve had to buy a mini fridge for my room. The location isn’t ideal either, its such a rough area, hoody and track suit-wearing gangsters all over the streets, I just keep looking at the pavement and don’t listen to my MP3 player, also just around the corner is the local gun shop, with rifles and that in the window, we went to the retail park down the road yesterday and 2 men asked us where it was we pointed them in the right direction but I felt bad that I did afterwards.

Earlier today I walked down to rock city and the university, it was quite easy to get to.

People seems nice here so its ok, feeling home sick though.

Shadow Of The Day

I’m really impressed with Nottingham Trent University, I’ve enrolled online and everything during which they asked me if I would like to join the doctors, which I thought id have to go down there and find out about, but no, they’ve done it for me, and they’ve sent me the forms to join their surgery. On one they asked if I would like to be an organ donor, which after long consideration I’ve decided that I would like to do it, its a little scary, but I think, if I needed an organ I would be forever grateful to whoever’s I got if I would be so lucky to get one. Also Ive had issues with setting up payments and that and everyones been really nice who Ive spoke to or emailed. And Ive been posting on a message board on their website set up so we can make friends before we go, and one of the psychology department teachers has posted to let us know that we should be getting our welcome packs towards the end of the week – something that we were all concerned about not getting.

I have a new bag, its amazing, its made from used juice cartons, obviously they’ve been sterilised and sewn together, I absolutely love it.

Unfortunately MTV have seem to forgotten what the VMAs are about, none of the awards went to the best video, none, they went to the most popular artists, it was ridiculous. They even had a “quadruple threat” category for people who also produced, acted, had clothing lines etc, who cares? this has nothing to do with the videos. They didn’t air the categories that actually did have anything to do with videos such as best director or best editing. Another annoyances: the gym class heroes fool being there when Fall Out Boy won their award, which they shouldn’t have I would have rather any other band in that category to win over them, obviously I wanted Linkin Park to win (whose performance was awesome), but I would have been happy to see the White Stripes win, their videos are generally quite interesting.

The performances were also a let down, Fall Out Boy were rubbish the singer couldn’t cope, again like at Live Earth, he was just mumbling along and sweating a lot, Serj wasn’t great either awesome seeing him with the Foos though.

The editing geniuses also didn’t even include the full Foo Fighters performance, speaking of whom, Im looking forward to their new album, I wasn’t bawled over by their last and The Pretender lacks something, I think its in the chorus, it needs something extra. However Im looking forward to Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace because they’ve worked with Gil Norton on it, who produced The Colour and The Shape, by far the best Foo album to date, hopefully he has shown them the way.

Another thing thats annoying me is Amy Whinehouse, Pete Doherty and all the other drug and drink junkies. I don’t care about them, why should I have to read about them? I obviously don’t read about them but it annoys me being there in magazines and newspapers. Millions of people suffer from addictions, and I bet most of them are in worse positions than these. And what the hell does Pete have to do to get thrown in jail?

Heart-Shaped Box

Today I went to Sainsburys and brought some knives for my university supplies, I think I’ve almost got everything now, I just need some cushion to make my room homier and something to hold all my utensils in. We also brought some giant cookies, white chocolate ones, they were awesome.

I’ve decided that I want some Frasier boxsets, the Paramount channel has Frasier weekends for each series and when theyre on, I can’t not watch them. Unfortunately the series I want (6 and 7 – at the end of 7 is the one when Daphne and Niles finally run off together) are £27 each, so I think I’m going to get the earlier series first (for £16 or £17 each). But I need to buy Wii Play first.


I’m stressing over bank issues, my bank have been messing me around and pissing me off, so I’m not sure if I want to have my student account with them, but they by far have the best give away with the account, which I can’t help but be swayed by, maybe its just my branch that’s rubbish. So I tried to do some research of the other banks, but I am just clueless I have no idea what I’m looking for, and don’t know who I could ask cause anyone in a bank will just say that theirs are the best, so I’m stuck.

I’ve finally got round to changing my hotmail accounts to Windows Live Mail, I really like it, in particular I think that being able to customise the theme is awesome and that it saves your sent mail, and just in general I just like it more than hotmail, which was kind of feeling a little dated. Also I finally have a new keyboard, my mouse broke so we just got a new keyboard with mouse (wireless) so I don’t have to go through documents after I write them to fill in the “H’s.” It’s quite cool too got loads of short cut buttons, the one that takes me to my home page doesn’t seem to be working though, maybe its a setting or something but I’m not too bothered out it, it doesn’t take long to type it in now. Awesome.