Van Hickey…and Ralph

My Name Is Earl was so good again tonight, I love Ralph, apparently Giovanna Ribisi is going to be in a movie next year about Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Experient, I can’t wait to see it.

I got another letter from the bank yesterday saying they can’t close my account until I pay £56.02 so I had to go back today to ask them WHY CANT YOU JUST CLOSE MY ACCOUNT LIKE I ASKED YOU TO DO 4 MONTHS AGO? then I had to wait for ages and after the woman dilly-dallying they decided that they’re going to put £56.02 in my account so they can close it. So next week I’m going to go down there and close my other account with them, I’m not putting up with this kind of hoo-harr.

The NHS has also been pissing me off this week (and last) firstly, my Nan was supposed to have a nurse come out to her and that but it wasn’t organised or anything, so when she rang her doctor (who didn’t even know she had had her operation, despite my Nan telling her receptionist very firmly after she was trying to get her to go down to the surgery) she sorted one out for her, from the doctors in Narborough, not the doctors she belongs to or the doctors in Enderby. And its so hard to see anyone even when they are your doctors, its ridiculous.

Then, she had an appointment at the clinic today in Glenfield, so my mum drove her up there, they got to the clinic told someone that they were there and the nurse told them that the clinic was closed in January, my Mum said “well no it hasn’t been since we were here in April. why on Earth did they give us this appointment if they knew itll be closed?” so they had to drive all the way back with my Nan now in agony, its just so pathetic.

Best news of the day: mario kart is going to be released for the wii, with a steering wheel! its amazing! theyre also bringing out a gun thing and like fitness equipment so you can work out with you’re wii. Amazing.


"Moustache Too Big For Your Face"

Today was commemoration day at school, I went since I was sent an invitation – meaning I had an award to pick up. We avoided the church service beforehand by hiding in the car and then mingling in with everyone else when they walked back from the church. I then sat in the hall with Sarah M and Jenny Lane, who has torn her ligaments after falling off her horse, and being threatened by the hospital to take her crutches back when she’s better.

I got the award for IT and Computing (despite not begin one of the computer geeks) which included £15 book tokens, which is cool, I like books, also if I don’t spend them I can put them towards all the books I’m going to have to buy at uni. Also because my award was in memory of a former student who died whilst at university I got an extra award – its a big shield with my name on it, that I guess I’ll have to return next year and a little shield to keep. The computing women who gave my award and Mrs McCloughlin whose son it was got a bit emotional.
Sarah M got an award for Further Maths and Sarah A got one for begin nominated to get one several times. Sarah M pointed out that Sarah A’s was like the slashie awards in Zoolander.

House and My Name Is Earl was good today, Crabman made me laugh when he was looking into the cats eyes and Earl when he was pissed off for losing to a slutty persian haha.

In other areas one of my brothers fish has died then the other one spent half an hour swimming around the tank to try to find it.

Also sending packages to America is quite reasonable, I went to the post office to send a CD to Alicia £1.20 it cost, I thought that was quite good.

Heart-Shaped Box

Today I went to Sainsburys and brought some knives for my university supplies, I think I’ve almost got everything now, I just need some cushion to make my room homier and something to hold all my utensils in. We also brought some giant cookies, white chocolate ones, they were awesome.

I’ve decided that I want some Frasier boxsets, the Paramount channel has Frasier weekends for each series and when theyre on, I can’t not watch them. Unfortunately the series I want (6 and 7 – at the end of 7 is the one when Daphne and Niles finally run off together) are £27 each, so I think I’m going to get the earlier series first (for £16 or £17 each). But I need to buy Wii Play first.


I’m stressing over bank issues, my bank have been messing me around and pissing me off, so I’m not sure if I want to have my student account with them, but they by far have the best give away with the account, which I can’t help but be swayed by, maybe its just my branch that’s rubbish. So I tried to do some research of the other banks, but I am just clueless I have no idea what I’m looking for, and don’t know who I could ask cause anyone in a bank will just say that theirs are the best, so I’m stuck.

I’ve finally got round to changing my hotmail accounts to Windows Live Mail, I really like it, in particular I think that being able to customise the theme is awesome and that it saves your sent mail, and just in general I just like it more than hotmail, which was kind of feeling a little dated. Also I finally have a new keyboard, my mouse broke so we just got a new keyboard with mouse (wireless) so I don’t have to go through documents after I write them to fill in the “H’s.” It’s quite cool too got loads of short cut buttons, the one that takes me to my home page doesn’t seem to be working though, maybe its a setting or something but I’m not too bothered out it, it doesn’t take long to type it in now. Awesome.