Leicester University

On monday I went for the first day of freshers week at Leicester University to register on the course, pick up a timetable for the week, library card and stuff. It went well although I dont understand why I had to copy out a sheet with the modules Im taking on to confirm my choice, although there were no choices to make :S

However, Im a bit concerned by the selection of classmates.. its a small department. The staff are lovely though.

Also my timetable is MENTAL, its so full on its rediculous, I cant see where Ill have time to have a life let alone find a job.



MY POSTMAN HAS STOLEN MY MAIL, on Wednesday, he knocked on the door (got me out of bed so I was in a haze) and handed me a card to sign for a parcel, but there were 2 stickers on it meaning I had 2 parcels, he was only holding one, so I looked at him confused and he said he had left the other one in the car, sounding like he was just about to go nip and get it cause he parks on our road as he does his round, so I signed for them then he took the card off me, handed me the parcel and left, so I though ok he’ll come back after he’s done the rest of the street. But no, he didn’t. I even walked up and down the road to see if i could see him anywhere, but he was gone. After a few days of keep missing him my mum caught him and asked him if he had it, he says that he hasn’t and doesn’t know why he said that to me, I’m going by the post office on Wednesday so I might ask them, see what they think.

Also my bank never rang to tell me that my stuff had got there so I went in today and asked them and typically it was there, so I moaned to them about not telling me when they said that they would, the man was nice though and activated my card for me.

I have now received a very long reading list, its only provisional so they dont want me to buy any books yet, but to get them from a library or something, Ive brought a little one, that looks quite good, so I can have a flick through when it gets here. They also sent me homework.

Ive just looked on the Neighbours website and heard the new theme tune and music, I dont think I like it, its trying too hard, and one of the new characters just looks like a poor replacement of Dylan.

And Im very happy because a bootleg video of the whole Linkin Park show I went to in May at the astoria has surfaced :).

Shadow Of The Day

I’m really impressed with Nottingham Trent University, I’ve enrolled online and everything during which they asked me if I would like to join the doctors, which I thought id have to go down there and find out about, but no, they’ve done it for me, and they’ve sent me the forms to join their surgery. On one they asked if I would like to be an organ donor, which after long consideration I’ve decided that I would like to do it, its a little scary, but I think, if I needed an organ I would be forever grateful to whoever’s I got if I would be so lucky to get one. Also Ive had issues with setting up payments and that and everyones been really nice who Ive spoke to or emailed. And Ive been posting on a message board on their website set up so we can make friends before we go, and one of the psychology department teachers has posted to let us know that we should be getting our welcome packs towards the end of the week – something that we were all concerned about not getting.

I have a new bag, its amazing, its made from used juice cartons, obviously they’ve been sterilised and sewn together, I absolutely love it.

Unfortunately MTV have seem to forgotten what the VMAs are about, none of the awards went to the best video, none, they went to the most popular artists, it was ridiculous. They even had a “quadruple threat” category for people who also produced, acted, had clothing lines etc, who cares? this has nothing to do with the videos. They didn’t air the categories that actually did have anything to do with videos such as best director or best editing. Another annoyances: the gym class heroes fool being there when Fall Out Boy won their award, which they shouldn’t have I would have rather any other band in that category to win over them, obviously I wanted Linkin Park to win (whose performance was awesome), but I would have been happy to see the White Stripes win, their videos are generally quite interesting.

The performances were also a let down, Fall Out Boy were rubbish the singer couldn’t cope, again like at Live Earth, he was just mumbling along and sweating a lot, Serj wasn’t great either awesome seeing him with the Foos though.

The editing geniuses also didn’t even include the full Foo Fighters performance, speaking of whom, Im looking forward to their new album, I wasn’t bawled over by their last and The Pretender lacks something, I think its in the chorus, it needs something extra. However Im looking forward to Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace because they’ve worked with Gil Norton on it, who produced The Colour and The Shape, by far the best Foo album to date, hopefully he has shown them the way.

Another thing thats annoying me is Amy Whinehouse, Pete Doherty and all the other drug and drink junkies. I don’t care about them, why should I have to read about them? I obviously don’t read about them but it annoys me being there in magazines and newspapers. Millions of people suffer from addictions, and I bet most of them are in worse positions than these. And what the hell does Pete have to do to get thrown in jail?

Out and About

I went to Beaumont Leys Shopping Centre today, and I went in this shop because I liked a bag in the window and they had some shoes that match the purse I got from Dorothy Perkins months ago, its amazing, a totally different shop, its crazy. I also got some tote bags (one for only £1.50) and make up bags along with the shoes.

We then went to Tesco, ooo I got some bargains, I got some super black jeans, they look so good, and a vest top for £1 (haha), and I’ve finally got a diamond jumper. I’ve always wanted one but never found one with all good colours on, most of them have pink on them, this ones, black, white and grey, its so good. I then went to get some DVD-Rs and was deciding which ones to get and explaining it all to my mum, and this woman started asking me questions so I had to stand there and explain it all to her, she was grateful, unlike Currys customers. Then we went to get stationary supplies from the sale, which was rubbish and other stuff.

My other purchase was from a book stand outside, they had a Meg and Mog book, I used to love that book when I was little, and it was only £1.50 so I went for it.

Meg and Mog

Came home to find my CD from had arrived that I ordered, opened it, the case was cracked, broken and in pieces. Now, firstly I blamed the postman, but then my brother informed me that he didn’t shove it through the letter box, he knocked the door and handed it to him. So anyways rang them moaned to him about it and he told me to send it back. He also said that they’ve had loads of returns because of people getting broken stuff (my brother brought a poster a few weeks ago, they had bent the protector tube so bad it bent the poster, he had to send it back, then when they sent the replacement the tube was almost in 2 pieces, the tubes are really strong it must have been done on puspose), and they suspect that with all the postal strikes they are taking it out on internet shoppers and organisations and smashing the stuff. Which if true, I think is pathetic. Also my postman is rubbish, he’s grumpy drops stuff, throws stuff, leave stuff on the doorstep outside when he cant be bothered, and is so late delivering the post. However, I know that we do order things online, and do sympathise that their workload has increased since the growth of internet shopping, so we do give the postman money at Christmas, but still its all bad.

"Stay Back or the Ginger Gets It"

Today I finally saw Hot Fuzz, I must say, it was absolutely brilliant! I laughed so much, and I think its one of those when you notice something more every time you watch it so I can’t wait to see it again, I’m going to wait to buy it though until it gets reduced from the current £13.99 price tag. Not to say it isn’t worth £13.99 but I can’t afford that for just one movie. Simon Pegg was just so good, especially when he decided he wasnt going to take it and brought the sun glasses, the cameos from Steve Coogan, Martin Freeman, Stephen Merchant and Bill Bailey, were also fantastic, I’m not sure how well the film will translate to non-UK watchers though, but still its a must see.

I’ve brought a travel bag for my Wii, its really cool, and it’ll keep it all safe, I’m going town next week I think to try to sell my Xbox to Game, it says in store that theyll give £20 for them, Im not sure if they will but its worth a try then I can buy the Godfather game for the Wii. I’m currently addicted to playing tetris online, I need to buy it for the DS.

Also my Mum brought a CD from the Virgin Mega website, i was quite impressed by the service, it arrived no sooner, or later than items for HMV or play.com do, but it was wrapped in cellophane – which HMV lacks, and unlike HMV they dont annoyingly put a sticker on the thing they have a invoice sheet, like play.com, but theirs is better, because it includes a returns form, should you need to return it. Speaking of my Mum the crazy fool has already brought her first Christmas present for me.

Im really disappointed by the new Linkin Park (who are up for best group, best director, and best editor at this years VMAs) video for Bleed It Out. I think it was a great idea but the video didn’t match the energy in the song, so it kind of felt flat, plus half the band are ignored.

I cannot wait until Sweeney Todd comes out, Johnny Depp looks so creepy in the movie poster, and it looks so dark, I think its going to be amazing, his hair reminds me of Edward Scissorhands.

Sweeney Todd

Van Hickey…and Ralph

My Name Is Earl was so good again tonight, I love Ralph, apparently Giovanna Ribisi is going to be in a movie next year about Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Experient, I can’t wait to see it.

I got another letter from the bank yesterday saying they can’t close my account until I pay £56.02 so I had to go back today to ask them WHY CANT YOU JUST CLOSE MY ACCOUNT LIKE I ASKED YOU TO DO 4 MONTHS AGO? then I had to wait for ages and after the woman dilly-dallying they decided that they’re going to put £56.02 in my account so they can close it. So next week I’m going to go down there and close my other account with them, I’m not putting up with this kind of hoo-harr.

The NHS has also been pissing me off this week (and last) firstly, my Nan was supposed to have a nurse come out to her and that but it wasn’t organised or anything, so when she rang her doctor (who didn’t even know she had had her operation, despite my Nan telling her receptionist very firmly after she was trying to get her to go down to the surgery) she sorted one out for her, from the doctors in Narborough, not the doctors she belongs to or the doctors in Enderby. And its so hard to see anyone even when they are your doctors, its ridiculous.

Then, she had an appointment at the clinic today in Glenfield, so my mum drove her up there, they got to the clinic told someone that they were there and the nurse told them that the clinic was closed in January, my Mum said “well no it hasn’t been since we were here in April. why on Earth did they give us this appointment if they knew itll be closed?” so they had to drive all the way back with my Nan now in agony, its just so pathetic.

Best news of the day: mario kart is going to be released for the wii, with a steering wheel! its amazing! theyre also bringing out a gun thing and like fitness equipment so you can work out with you’re wii. Amazing.

Wii Play

Today I brought Wii Play, its amazing, the games on it are awesome, they’re like arcade games, my favourites are a cow racing one, the snooker one, the one with the bubbles and the shooting range one. The game really does show how good the technology that the Nintendo Wii has is, Wii play is best played with more than one person but is also cool with 1 player. I also brought a battery charger thing so I can use rechargeable battery’s for the Wii remotes, it’ll also be useful for digital cameras and stuff – a practical purchase. I got them from Argos and I had to wait for ages for the man to give me them whilst I was waiting by the counter, Sarah N also informs me that despite them claiming that they do the quick pay machines DO NOT accept solo cards.

Afterwards I went to the bank to see a) why they hadn’t closed the account I asked them to 2 months ago, and b) why has this account now been charged for something. The best they could come up with is that there must have been a “misunderstanding.” Ok, I tell them that I want to close my account, what else could be derived from that request? But anyways they’re refunding the charges and (hopefully) closing the account, and someone is ringing me on Monday to apologise. This adds to the bank confusion I’m having, if they’re making stupid mistakes like that do I want my student account to be with them? they might “misunderstand” and sign me up for some sort of retirement pension scheme or something instead.

In the evening I went to Sarah A’s belated birthday party, it was fun.