Viking Skull

They were ok, played a short set, but what they did play was good and energetic and they were all really into it which is a plus.

I didnt recognise them at all from when Ive seen them before, im certain there has been a change of lineup. But the frontman sounded the same so im guessing hes just had an image change.

Viking Skull

Funeral For A Friend

Support – Cancer Bats, In Case Of Fire, Attack! Attack!

Nottingham Rock City

Attack Attack were good. In Case Of Fire not so much, it was if theyre were trying to be like Muse, and it was just bad.

Cancer Bats were good, full of energy and he could scream really well.

Funeral For A Friend were great, they played quite a lot off Casually Dressed and Deep In Conversation so it was great, the newer stuff sounded good live too. The performance of Your Revolution Is A Joke was beautiful. Really great stuff.

Videos I recorded of Your Revolution Is A Joke and Escape Artists Never Die


Support – Fightstar

Rock City

I was ready to hate on Fightstar but they werent bad, on the support band scale they were good.

Feeder were much better than when I saw them bef or e, they played a mixture of old and new stuff which suited me fine, great performance and Grant was so happy to be there and kept saying how much he loved Rock City. They really were fantastic. And the crowd were really into it. Also they had 2 screens of like pixel lights and they had a little light show behind them at one point it lit up like fire and a man, it was great.

Videos I recorded of Buck Rogers, and Just The Way Im Feeling


Support: Story of The Year, As I Lay Dying, MUCC

Nottingham Rock City

MUCC were ok, nothing memorable though.

As I Lay Dying were ok too, a lot of screaming.

Story of The Year were fantastic, I think a lot of the crowd was there to see them, they played a great show and it sounded like the CD.

Video I recorded of Story Of The Year Live

Atreyu were ok, but I think I liked Story Of The Year more! They were still good though.

Video I recorded of Atreyu live