New Stuff: Wii U & Kasabian “Switchblade Smiles”

Tonight the Nintendo Wii’s successor was unveiled, the Wii U. The biggest difference is a new controller, a touch screen tablet, that you can also play your game on, freeing you from the TV; it also includes a camera to make playing with a TV seamless. Nintendo have also upped the graphics and online capabilities. I must say that its looking pretty awesome, I cant wait to try one out, and see the price, it will be launched in 2012.

Watch The Nintendo Wii U Demo
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Also the first track from the new Kasabian album, Velociraptor, was played on Radio 1 this evening. In recent interviews they’ve made it clear that they wanted to move on from their last album, and by the sound of Switchblade Smiles, they have. It sounds more like their first album, kind of understated but underlined with fierceness; looking forward to hearing the rest of the album.

Listen to “Switchblade Smiles” on Zane Lowe’s page


Van Hickey…and Ralph

My Name Is Earl was so good again tonight, I love Ralph, apparently Giovanna Ribisi is going to be in a movie next year about Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Experient, I can’t wait to see it.

I got another letter from the bank yesterday saying they can’t close my account until I pay £56.02 so I had to go back today to ask them WHY CANT YOU JUST CLOSE MY ACCOUNT LIKE I ASKED YOU TO DO 4 MONTHS AGO? then I had to wait for ages and after the woman dilly-dallying they decided that they’re going to put £56.02 in my account so they can close it. So next week I’m going to go down there and close my other account with them, I’m not putting up with this kind of hoo-harr.

The NHS has also been pissing me off this week (and last) firstly, my Nan was supposed to have a nurse come out to her and that but it wasn’t organised or anything, so when she rang her doctor (who didn’t even know she had had her operation, despite my Nan telling her receptionist very firmly after she was trying to get her to go down to the surgery) she sorted one out for her, from the doctors in Narborough, not the doctors she belongs to or the doctors in Enderby. And its so hard to see anyone even when they are your doctors, its ridiculous.

Then, she had an appointment at the clinic today in Glenfield, so my mum drove her up there, they got to the clinic told someone that they were there and the nurse told them that the clinic was closed in January, my Mum said “well no it hasn’t been since we were here in April. why on Earth did they give us this appointment if they knew itll be closed?” so they had to drive all the way back with my Nan now in agony, its just so pathetic.

Best news of the day: mario kart is going to be released for the wii, with a steering wheel! its amazing! theyre also bringing out a gun thing and like fitness equipment so you can work out with you’re wii. Amazing.

Wii Play

Today I brought Wii Play, its amazing, the games on it are awesome, they’re like arcade games, my favourites are a cow racing one, the snooker one, the one with the bubbles and the shooting range one. The game really does show how good the technology that the Nintendo Wii has is, Wii play is best played with more than one person but is also cool with 1 player. I also brought a battery charger thing so I can use rechargeable battery’s for the Wii remotes, it’ll also be useful for digital cameras and stuff – a practical purchase. I got them from Argos and I had to wait for ages for the man to give me them whilst I was waiting by the counter, Sarah N also informs me that despite them claiming that they do the quick pay machines DO NOT accept solo cards.

Afterwards I went to the bank to see a) why they hadn’t closed the account I asked them to 2 months ago, and b) why has this account now been charged for something. The best they could come up with is that there must have been a “misunderstanding.” Ok, I tell them that I want to close my account, what else could be derived from that request? But anyways they’re refunding the charges and (hopefully) closing the account, and someone is ringing me on Monday to apologise. This adds to the bank confusion I’m having, if they’re making stupid mistakes like that do I want my student account to be with them? they might “misunderstand” and sign me up for some sort of retirement pension scheme or something instead.

In the evening I went to Sarah A’s belated birthday party, it was fun.

First Blog

Today I brought some flowers for Rita who has made me a super purple (to match my hair) laundry bag for uni. I can’t believe how good it is, my talents in textiles were unfortunately not as creative or professional, but did earn me a grade B GCSE.

This afternoon I had a driving lesson with Geoff, in which I went the wrong way and had a drag race with another driving instructor, which I lost, me and the little Yaris wasn’t speedy enough. I also remastered the lost art of reversing around corners and had an encounter with police car it was ok though, I just pulled over, got out of the way.

I then played with my week old Nintendo Wii, I still can’t believe I have one. I absolutely love it, its so much fun. I did the fitness test, it gave me an age of 52! It’s my baseball that’s letting me down, I can’t hit the balls. I’ve made Mii’s for various friends also for when they come over to play, the Wii is truely gaming brilliance. I need a new game, I think I’ve decided on Wii Play.

Nintendo Wii

Now I’m talking to Rachel online who has lost the ability to spell due to lack of english lessons now school is over. Other than that all seems to be ok, I’m going to go watch Top Gear (James May!)