Music For Relief

Being unemployed and no longer at school leaves me with not a lot to do, but I still seem to be always busy. Anyways, I’m watching some of Live Earth today, and as I have Sky I can monitor all of the concerts. I’m going to be honest, I’m watching for the music, I try to do as much as I can to prevent global warming already, don’t get me wrong though, if they give me more tips, I’ll do it.

I enjoyed: Linkin Park (obviously), Snow Patrol were good, Metallica were amazing especially Enter Sandman, Foo Fighters, Duran Duran, David Gray and Damien Rice, Beastie Boys and I will admit that James Blunt was much better than when I’ve seen him before on tv not something I enjoyed though.

I did not enjoy: Razorlight, Rhianna, Shakira, Corianne Baily Rae (god awful), Madonna (why does she need children with her whenever she’s on stage?) Pussy Cat Dolls, Fall Out Boy (the singer couldnt keep up with the music and everyone was looking at them as if they were trying to work out who they are), Rhianna

After their set Razorlight had a little interview, one of them was making a good point and I thought yeah nice one, then the singer (the most annoying one by miles) cut him off, and started going on about how those who make it their crusade to save the world are his heroes. Maybe he should put down his guitar, unplug the mic and become one then. I really do detest this band.

When Snow Patrol was being interviewed Gary was going on about how bad he feels that when theyre out on tour they use up so much energy and stuff, and pointed out that “we’re not here to preach” I appreciated that.

Shakira I only watched a minute until my body physically couldn’t take it anymore. I don’t understand why she’s popular, she just wails, the tone of her voice cuts through me. And its even worse live. Surprisingly her midriff was covered.

I was disappointed by Spinal Tap – it was amazing with the Stonehenge going wrong but I don’t know, I felt let down.

After 2 songs into their 13 song set the fans at the Linkin Park set broke the barrier and they had to wait for it to reinforced.

The scariest thing of the day wasn’t all of the information on global warming it was this when this kid was asked about going to the Tokyo concert he said:

“I came here for Linkin Park and Linkin Park only,” said Masato Nakajima. “But I think this is a good event. If Linkin Park tells me to go eco-friendly, I will do it. Absolutely,” he added. (

I also enjoyed Jimmy Carr popping up and inserting his cynicism in the whole thing “Why is it called ‘The Globe Is Warming?’ its sounds warm and like its a good thing, it should be called ‘Impending Doom.'” Also Jack Osbourne was on saying how his family don’t recycle and he’s done research and that its actually not that beneficial, I think he’s missing the point.

Music For Relief (, is a charity project set up by Linkin Park, and helps those who have lost their homes or whatever due to natural disasters and stuff, its worth checking out, there’s also tips on ways to prevent global warming. The people who run it are really nice too 🙂