I always get concerned when Johnny Depp does voices in film, I don’t think he has a particularly characteristic voice that you really need to give an animation it’s character, but then again, if say, Michael Caine was to voice something surely the whole time you’d be thinking, “hey, thats Michael Caine” rather than thinking of it as the character. Where it’s because I watch a lot of Johnny’s films it’s difficult for me to get past the “hey, that’s Johnny Depp” while listening to him voice a character, especially when he does his shouts that he does often in Pirates Of The Caribbean, and that Rango has an accent similar to the one his uses in Secret Window, regardless of that I think he voiced it well.

I really enjoyed the film the characters were charming and I felt sympathy with them as they were about to lose it all due to their water shortage and it made me laugh that they referred to water as vintages and measured their hats by water capacity. I thought it was a great film and recommend it, it’s also nice for a film to be 1 hour 40 minutes long, it was just long enough.



Ive been waiting to see Kick-Ass for a while now, now Amazon were selling it on DVD for £4.99 the time had come.

At first I thought it was going to be about some geeky kid who wanted to make a difference to the world so became a vigilante. However, the story grew as he found more superheroes Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage) and his daughter Hit Girl (the girl with the amazing purple wig, pictured), who had been plotted to take down the local villain to avenge their wife/mothers suicide as a result of Cage’s character being framed and sent to jail.

These were the only characters I was really interested in and could watch a whole film with just them, although the Kick-Ass character and his story were good too, I just wanted to watch Big Daddy and Hit Girl.

Few annoyances; firstly, when Kick-Ass dressed as his alter-ego he was able to see without his glasses, now they made it clear there was nothing special about him, he was no superman, how could he see? Secondly, he probably would have been an adult by the time all those plates and pins he had inserted in his body would have been beneficial to him. Mine are almost 6 years old and if you kick me there I will cry.

Looking forward to the Kick-Ass sequel, its bound to happen right?

The Boat That Rocked

English movie about private radio in the 60s and the government trying to shut them down.

I loved the sense of unity in the film, these men who are so in love with music live their lives on a boat so they can play rock music to the masses, even with the threat of imprisonment they dont back down. Its not just about the music they play the point is they ont let themselves to be bullied into conforming, they want the freedom for people to express themselves the way they want, through music or any other method.

Theres a great cast in the film love Bill Nighly, Chris O’Dowd, Nick Frost, Rhys Ifans in it, they seem sincere in it, that Radio Rock is their life. Also obviosuly the film has a great soundtrack The Kinks, The Who, Bowie… top notch.

Whats amazing is I brought this DVD from a machine in the cinema. Its like a vending machine for DVDs, with a touch screen you browse, then buy with you debit/credit card then it pops out. Amazing.


How sweet is this film? A man lives with his dream of finding paradise in his adventures, saves all of his life to take his wife with him. Never making enoguh money and then his wife dying, and being evicted from his house, hes left with nothing, so he attaches 1000s of helium balloons to his house and flies off, its brilliant.

Whenever I watch a really good animated film Im always impressed by the effort that goes into them, all the balloons on the house move independently, its amazing.

I loved the film although, but it was so sad when his wife died, I dont need that in a Disney, its like when Mufasa dies in the Lion King or when the Fox and the Hound get separated.

If you can take a bit of heartache in a movie, make sure you watch UP, its brilliant.


I loved this movie, Earth has been deemed unsafe because plant life can no longer be grown on there so everyone lives in space, while robots scout the Earth for signs of plant life so they can move back home.

I loved the clever and rather cynical view of the future Disney Pixar paints, the people are much more technologically advanced than we are now, machines and robots do EVERYTHING for them, they sit in a chair that takes them anywhere, drinks and food are brought to them as they wish, so they get fat and loose motor skills. I see what theyre getting at, slowly technology is taking over our lives, leaving some of the jobs we once had to do redundant.

Public Enemies

I have been looking forward to this film for a long time, and Johnny didn’t disappoint, I thought he was great as John Dillinger. Even though I kept getting confused when the characters called him Johnny.

The film starts with Dillinger in jail, I would have liked to have seen what put him there in the first place..

Im sure Melvin Purvis must have been desperate to catch Dillinger, but I didnt get that from Christian Bale. Neither did I care when Dillingers friends and allies got killed, as they didnt really have a character, they were just there. However Im sure Dillinger would have cared and been friends with the men he trusted enough to have his team, as towards the end of the film he is reluctant to work with people he didnt like. I would have liked to have got a feel of the people in Dillingers life a bit more.

I loved the 30s clothing and sets, I thought that had been done well, it had an authentic look to it.

Anywho, I still loved the movie, and will go see it again and definitely buy the DVD.