I always get concerned when Johnny Depp does voices in film, I don’t think he has a particularly characteristic voice that you really need to give an animation it’s character, but then again, if say, Michael Caine was to voice something surely the whole time you’d be thinking, “hey, thats Michael Caine” rather than thinking of it as the character. Where it’s because I watch a lot of Johnny’s films it’s difficult for me to get past the “hey, that’s Johnny Depp” while listening to him voice a character, especially when he does his shouts that he does often in Pirates Of The Caribbean, and that Rango has an accent similar to the one his uses in Secret Window, regardless of that I think he voiced it well.

I really enjoyed the film the characters were charming and I felt sympathy with them as they were about to lose it all due to their water shortage and it made me laugh that they referred to water as vintages and measured their hats by water capacity. I thought it was a great film and recommend it, it’s also nice for a film to be 1 hour 40 minutes long, it was just long enough.


Edward Scissorhands 20th Anniversary Art Tributes

I didn’t fall in love with Johnny Depp until I saw Edward Scissorhands, and it has remained my favourite Depp film since, this year marks the 20th anniversary of the film, which is being celebrated by a group of artists at Gallery Nucleus.

I really like this one called Infinite Music by Nicolas Duffaut.

This one isn’t part of the exhibition but I’ve always loved Dan May’s Portrait of a Gentle Man, see more of his art here

I think what draws me to them is that they’ve captured the how fragile Edward is, the scene when he punctures the water bed with his scissor hands always makes me so sad.

You can see the rest of the art from the exhibition at the exhibition page at GalleryNucleus.com & Scissorhands20th blog on blogger

Public Enemies

I have been looking forward to this film for a long time, and Johnny didn’t disappoint, I thought he was great as John Dillinger. Even though I kept getting confused when the characters called him Johnny.

The film starts with Dillinger in jail, I would have liked to have seen what put him there in the first place..

Im sure Melvin Purvis must have been desperate to catch Dillinger, but I didnt get that from Christian Bale. Neither did I care when Dillingers friends and allies got killed, as they didnt really have a character, they were just there. However Im sure Dillinger would have cared and been friends with the men he trusted enough to have his team, as towards the end of the film he is reluctant to work with people he didnt like. I would have liked to have got a feel of the people in Dillingers life a bit more.

I loved the 30s clothing and sets, I thought that had been done well, it had an authentic look to it.

Anywho, I still loved the movie, and will go see it again and definitely buy the DVD.

Donnie Brasco

I think this is a great movie, first of all the casting of Johnny Depp and Al Pacino is fantastic, Johnny conveys his situation so well, when watching you can tell that underneath his exterior in front of the other mafia members he is crumbling inside. Whilst Pacino is grasping onto whatever dignity he has left within the mafia. By the end of the movie the watcher does sympathise with both characters as intended by Newell.

Its a fantastic movie into the ways in which the mafia work and how Joseph Pistone worked within the mafia, id recommend it to pretty much anyone.

Buy here

"Stay Back or the Ginger Gets It"

Today I finally saw Hot Fuzz, I must say, it was absolutely brilliant! I laughed so much, and I think its one of those when you notice something more every time you watch it so I can’t wait to see it again, I’m going to wait to buy it though until it gets reduced from the current £13.99 price tag. Not to say it isn’t worth £13.99 but I can’t afford that for just one movie. Simon Pegg was just so good, especially when he decided he wasnt going to take it and brought the sun glasses, the cameos from Steve Coogan, Martin Freeman, Stephen Merchant and Bill Bailey, were also fantastic, I’m not sure how well the film will translate to non-UK watchers though, but still its a must see.

I’ve brought a travel bag for my Wii, its really cool, and it’ll keep it all safe, I’m going town next week I think to try to sell my Xbox to Game, it says in store that theyll give £20 for them, Im not sure if they will but its worth a try then I can buy the Godfather game for the Wii. I’m currently addicted to playing tetris online, I need to buy it for the DS.

Also my Mum brought a CD from the Virgin Mega website, i was quite impressed by the service, it arrived no sooner, or later than items for HMV or play.com do, but it was wrapped in cellophane – which HMV lacks, and unlike HMV they dont annoyingly put a sticker on the thing they have a invoice sheet, like play.com, but theirs is better, because it includes a returns form, should you need to return it. Speaking of my Mum the crazy fool has already brought her first Christmas present for me.

Im really disappointed by the new Linkin Park (who are up for best group, best director, and best editor at this years VMAs) video for Bleed It Out. I think it was a great idea but the video didn’t match the energy in the song, so it kind of felt flat, plus half the band are ignored.

I cannot wait until Sweeney Todd comes out, Johnny Depp looks so creepy in the movie poster, and it looks so dark, I think its going to be amazing, his hair reminds me of Edward Scissorhands.

Sweeney Todd