First Blog

Today I brought some flowers for Rita who has made me a super purple (to match my hair) laundry bag for uni. I can’t believe how good it is, my talents in textiles were unfortunately not as creative or professional, but did earn me a grade B GCSE.

This afternoon I had a driving lesson with Geoff, in which I went the wrong way and had a drag race with another driving instructor, which I lost, me and the little Yaris wasn’t speedy enough. I also remastered the lost art of reversing around corners and had an encounter with police car it was ok though, I just pulled over, got out of the way.

I then played with my week old Nintendo Wii, I still can’t believe I have one. I absolutely love it, its so much fun. I did the fitness test, it gave me an age of 52! It’s my baseball that’s letting me down, I can’t hit the balls. I’ve made Mii’s for various friends also for when they come over to play, the Wii is truely gaming brilliance. I need a new game, I think I’ve decided on Wii Play.

Nintendo Wii

Now I’m talking to Rachel online who has lost the ability to spell due to lack of english lessons now school is over. Other than that all seems to be ok, I’m going to go watch Top Gear (James May!)