How sweet is this film? A man lives with his dream of finding paradise in his adventures, saves all of his life to take his wife with him. Never making enoguh money and then his wife dying, and being evicted from his house, hes left with nothing, so he attaches 1000s of helium balloons to his house and flies off, its brilliant.

Whenever I watch a really good animated film Im always impressed by the effort that goes into them, all the balloons on the house move independently, its amazing.

I loved the film although, but it was so sad when his wife died, I dont need that in a Disney, its like when Mufasa dies in the Lion King or when the Fox and the Hound get separated.

If you can take a bit of heartache in a movie, make sure you watch UP, its brilliant.



I loved this movie, Earth has been deemed unsafe because plant life can no longer be grown on there so everyone lives in space, while robots scout the Earth for signs of plant life so they can move back home.

I loved the clever and rather cynical view of the future Disney Pixar paints, the people are much more technologically advanced than we are now, machines and robots do EVERYTHING for them, they sit in a chair that takes them anywhere, drinks and food are brought to them as they wish, so they get fat and loose motor skills. I see what theyre getting at, slowly technology is taking over our lives, leaving some of the jobs we once had to do redundant.