Out and About

I went to Beaumont Leys Shopping Centre today, and I went in this shop because I liked a bag in the window and they had some shoes that match the purse I got from Dorothy Perkins months ago, its amazing, a totally different shop, its crazy. I also got some tote bags (one for only £1.50) and make up bags along with the shoes.

We then went to Tesco, ooo I got some bargains, I got some super black jeans, they look so good, and a vest top for £1 (haha), and I’ve finally got a diamond jumper. I’ve always wanted one but never found one with all good colours on, most of them have pink on them, this ones, black, white and grey, its so good. I then went to get some DVD-Rs and was deciding which ones to get and explaining it all to my mum, and this woman started asking me questions so I had to stand there and explain it all to her, she was grateful, unlike Currys customers. Then we went to get stationary supplies from the sale, which was rubbish and other stuff.

My other purchase was from a book stand outside, they had a Meg and Mog book, I used to love that book when I was little, and it was only £1.50 so I went for it.

Meg and Mog

Came home to find my CD from had arrived that I ordered, opened it, the case was cracked, broken and in pieces. Now, firstly I blamed the postman, but then my brother informed me that he didn’t shove it through the letter box, he knocked the door and handed it to him. So anyways rang them moaned to him about it and he told me to send it back. He also said that they’ve had loads of returns because of people getting broken stuff (my brother brought a poster a few weeks ago, they had bent the protector tube so bad it bent the poster, he had to send it back, then when they sent the replacement the tube was almost in 2 pieces, the tubes are really strong it must have been done on puspose), and they suspect that with all the postal strikes they are taking it out on internet shoppers and organisations and smashing the stuff. Which if true, I think is pathetic. Also my postman is rubbish, he’s grumpy drops stuff, throws stuff, leave stuff on the doorstep outside when he cant be bothered, and is so late delivering the post. However, I know that we do order things online, and do sympathise that their workload has increased since the growth of internet shopping, so we do give the postman money at Christmas, but still its all bad.


Pretty Vacant

I’ve been ill for over a week now, so Ive given in and took some pepto-bismol, its so disgusting. It’s the price to pay for getting ill though.

I now have a domo kung, he’s amazing, he makes me laugh, my Mum says he looks like a fish finger.

Domo Kung

I’ve been listening to a lot of punk music at the moment, a lot of The Ramones, I’ve also decided that my favourite Ramone was Joey, then Johnny because he had the same haircut for 40 years. I never like Dee Dee Ramone, I don’t know why though, but still fantastic band.

I was given a voucher for £5 off if you spend £10 at WH Smiths, to me £5 is a lot of money. I had to use it by wednesday so after I went bank searching, I went in and looked around. They knew what they were doing when they printed that out, all the books I wanted was either £20 or £7, I ended getting The Redemption Song, I’ve wanted it for a while, I love Joe Strummer, but it was £20 but o well, I got £5 off, Its really chunky so I think I might keep it and read it when I go to Univeristy, it’ll give me something to do. Besides I’m still reading Jeremy Clarkson’s and James May’s books.

I haven’ t decided which bank to go for but the people at HSBC were very nice and they’re going to send out a information pack for me, when they get them in, and they told me to come back if I want and they’ll go through it with me, nice people.