Kasabian Live Lounge Recording & O2 Academy Leicester

It was Kasabian day yesterday as part of the Radio 1 student tour, not surprisingly being proud Leicester lads, they opted to play at University of Leicester. Queuing from early morning for 8 hours to buy tickets to the evening show and being a UOL student meant I  managed to snag tickets to both events.


We had to get to the university bar for 9am, for the live lounge recording, now Ive never been to such an event/gig where I was the only one queueing, still it meant I had the first choice of where to stand. When we got inside the Radio 1 people were making people stand around where Fearne Cotton was talking but I just stayed around the performance area.


It was a long wait, made even longer by having to listen to Fearne’s show, but when Kasabian did play they were excellent, they played part of Re-wired for the soundcheck and Re-wired and a cover of Lana Del Rey’s Video Games. It sounded amazing just being in a tiny room with them and around 100 people. Inbetween songs they sat there talking to each other and playing their instruments.

We had to listen to Zane Lowe do his show live from Leicester’s O2 Academy before Kasabian’s set, including some questionable record choices considering he was infront of a Kasabian crowd. However before Kasabian came out he played Blur’s Song 2, so the crowd were pretty riled, then they came out and played Club Foot, everyone went mental.

They played a great set full of their singles, and a few from the new album, Velociraptor! and Days Are Forgotten was great and so was Goodbye Kiss, I think it was my favourite song. They were obviously happy to be playing Leicester, kept saying that they loved Leicester and the crowd went crazy for them, chanting for Leicester City FC. We were second row infront of Serge and gradually got pushed into the middle, the crowd just got worse as it went along, not even settling for the slower songs. Anyone who had travelled to the show could see how much Kasabian meant to the city.

Would love to see them again soon, although I’m doubtful by the size of their upcoming UK arena tour, aside from promotional shows such as this, that they’ll play Leicester again.

After the band left the stage, Tom stayed and talked about Leicester City FC and sang a football song.

Club Foot
Where Did All The Love Go?
Days Are Forgotten
Shoot The Runner
Man Of Simple Pleasures
Switchblade Smiles
Vlad The Impaler
Goodbye Kiss

My Videos

Goodbye Kiss
Vlad The Impaler (clip)


Jimmy Eat World Live

Support: Twin Atlantic

Leicester O2 Academy

My first time at Leicester’s new O2 Academy that I’ve been watching them build since its part of Leicester uni’s student union, it’s really nice in there, they keep getting good bookings for the venue and I think it’ll continue.

Twin Atlantic opened the show, they were good, nothing amazing but very good for an opener.

This was the first time I’ve seen Jimmy Eat World perform a headlining set, and I was impressed, they swiftly moved through a mixed setlist of newer and older stuff, including plenty from their Bleed American/Jimmy Eat World album (Bleed American, The Middle, Sweetness and You Hear Me). I noticed throughout the set how into the music Jim was hopping and dancing all over the stage. Although they don’t have much crowd interaction or interaction with each other, the audience is very much a spectator of the show rather than being a part of the show. All in all, they were excellent live, and I’d love to see them again.

We Are Scientists

Fopp Store, Nottingham

Ive never been to a show at a store before, it was good such an intimate show, however peole werent really getting into it because they were in the corner of a store.

We Are Scientists were fantastic, they played acoustic versions of about 12 songs, which I thought was exceptional considering it was a free show. They played fantastically and the inbetween song banter was hilarious.

Afterwards they did a signing and I asked Keith why his shirt was ripped and they were so nice to me 🙂

We Are Scientists Videos I recorded


Support: Shack

Nottingham Arena

Sarah (Morgan) and Debbie picked me up at about 1:45 we drove to nottingham, got there at about 2:20 no problems, when we got to nottingham however, there are NO signs to Nottingham Arena, and the directions we had got were useless because half of the roads were being dug up, after driving around and around for ages, we decided to drop us off at the train station as ive made the journey from the station to the arena twice by foot, so i could kind of remember it. To make sure though we got a map from the station and asked 2 secruity guards which way to go, they told us that we were like 45 minutes away and should get a tram. They REALLY pissed us off. I knew what they told us was wrong, so we decided to go the way I thought, on the way we asked one of those parking ticket people, and he told us the way I had said. anyways we half ran half walked to the arena (about 10 minutes away including a very steep hill) and got there at about 3:15. We queued and got talking to a pair of brummies (a fort minor fan!) they were nice lads. Anyways time and games of disney character/oasis song title hangman went by and we moved to a different queue (closer to the front!) here we got talking to this other lad who knew me as “my new best friend who likes The Who”, he sounded quite posh, and a woman called Claire who about 10 years ago met and kissed Liam Gallagher twice in a pub and brought him drinks! anyways we spent the rest of the time talking to them.

They didnt let us in until 6:45 , we got in ok and got our spot right in front of Noel. Also the security men at the front were probably the nicest security blokes I’ve seen, ever.

The support: Shack, were crap, but they didn’t have a chance, with everyone waiting for Oasis, inbetween each song everyone would start the “Oasis” chant, then the singer was like “mm thanks.”

Oasis were phenomenal. Song after song, pure energy. Ok, Noel seemed tired/grumpy but Liam was loving it, he kept facing us and staring us out; and putting his tambourine in his mouth, he was brilliant, it confirmed what I think I already knew: Liam is my favourite Gallagher brother. The set seemed to go quickly, also Gem and Andy Bell need a mention as they seem like such nice guys, Zak had a brilliant shirt on too – black with white polka dots. On the dress topic, Liam looked top, nice little khaki jacket it was all good, Noel – scruffy grey polo shirt. oo and Kasabian was watching them from the side of the stage. Champagne Supernova was epic.

My arms and chest (because of the barrier), legs (queueing) and my throat (the singing/woo-ing) hurt so bad.


Support – Ocean Colour Scene

Birmingham NIA

After waiting in the frosty freezing cold for like 5 hours to get at the front, I fainted 2 songs into Ocean Colour Scenes set what I saw of them was good though, before I fainted though Liam Gallagher was right front of us behind an amp watching Ocean Colour Scene :). I was still a bit woozy but Oasis were amazing, I preferred the older stuff live though. I even got the privilege of being wished a “Merry Christmas” from Liam!

Fuckin in the bushes
The Hindu Times
Hung in a Bad Place
Go Let It Out
Morning Glory
Stop Crying Your Heart Out
Little By Little
Cigarettes & Alcohol
Live Forever
Better Man
Wonderwall (Noel acoustic)
Married With Children (Noel acoustic)
Born On a Different Cloud

Force Of Nature
Don’t Look Back In Anger
My Generation