The Boat That Rocked

English movie about private radio in the 60s and the government trying to shut them down.

I loved the sense of unity in the film, these men who are so in love with music live their lives on a boat so they can play rock music to the masses, even with the threat of imprisonment they dont back down. Its not just about the music they play the point is they ont let themselves to be bullied into conforming, they want the freedom for people to express themselves the way they want, through music or any other method.

Theres a great cast in the film love Bill Nighly, Chris O’Dowd, Nick Frost, Rhys Ifans in it, they seem sincere in it, that Radio Rock is their life. Also obviosuly the film has a great soundtrack The Kinks, The Who, Bowie… top notch.

Whats amazing is I brought this DVD from a machine in the cinema. Its like a vending machine for DVDs, with a touch screen you browse, then buy with you debit/credit card then it pops out. Amazing.