Dissertation: Lego Collectors Tool

I’m going to start blogging about my dissertation project that I’ll be working on throughout my final year of university, it will be an online site for Lego collectors to use to keep track of the Lego bricks and pieces that they have, to start off I had to write a short project brief:

This project will provide LEGO collectors with an online tool that allows them to monitor and organise their LEGO collections and find information on available LEGO bricks in a database.

The site will provide a catalogue of LEGO bricks to which registered users can add new LEGO bricks and pieces to the catalogue, non registered visitors to the site will be able to view the catalogue but will not be able to edit it.

A registered user of the site will have their own account where they can save a record of all the LEGO pieces from the catalogue that they own, which they can edit at any time. The site will count how many of each brick the user has in each colour.

The site will also have records of LEGO sets. When logged in, the user can click to see if they have all the LEGO bricks required to make the set by clicking a button which will compare the set list and the list of bricks in their account.

Registered users will also be able to post lists of LEGO bricks that they want to buy and bricks that they would like to sell, other users can view these lists and make offers to that user.


Time permitting I hope to add more featured to the site also, as well as designing a user interface that is attractive and easy to navigate around.


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