I always get concerned when Johnny Depp does voices in film, I don’t think he has a particularly characteristic voice that you really need to give an animation it’s character, but then again, if say, Michael Caine was to voice something surely the whole time you’d be thinking, “hey, thats Michael Caine” rather than thinking of it as the character. Where it’s because I watch a lot of Johnny’s films it’s difficult for me to get past the “hey, that’s Johnny Depp” while listening to him voice a character, especially when he does his shouts that he does often in Pirates Of The Caribbean, and that Rango has an accent similar to the one his uses in Secret Window, regardless of that I think he voiced it well.

I really enjoyed the film the characters were charming and I felt sympathy with them as they were about to lose it all due to their water shortage and it made me laugh that they referred to water as vintages and measured their hats by water capacity. I thought it was a great film and recommend it, it’s also nice for a film to be 1 hour 40 minutes long, it was just long enough.


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