Allergy Clinic

So I went to the allergy clinic yesterday (after a 4 month wait for the appointment); I spent half an hour talking to the doctor about what I get, the urticaria, angioedema and anaphylaxis, since she hadn’t bothered to read my file, including the letter the hospital I was taken to when I went into shock, I had to tell her to read it. I then went for scratch tests for dogs, cats, wheat, dust mites, grass and something else, which all came back negative. (The + is the control).

I then had a breathing test done and an ECG which I’m pretty sure I had so she could try to prove I had asthma and my breathing difficulties were nothing to do with the allergy, my GP said it could be stress, which could be the case since my body doesn’t handle it well.

They also took some blood for testing to check my thyroid and iron levels because I’m a vegetarian and some other things.

All in all they weren’t very sympathetic, I’m taking high doses of prednisolone to hold back he symptoms so I wasn’t covered in urticaria like I would be without them so the urticaria didn’t look impressive, but then they knew I was taking them. She tried to convince me that I didn’t have anaphylaxis, that I just fainted and I would accept that if the doctors and nurses who resuscitated me weren’t saying it was anaphylaxis, also I’ve never choked nor vomited during a faint, or been unconscious for almost 10 minutes. They would have gave me EpiPens too if I hadn’t already got them, they didn’t seem too interested in finding the culprit rather than just hope it won’t happen again, they kept mentioning that they often never find what it is, but I at least expected them to put some effort into trying.

She’s told me to continue with the high doses of antihistamines and to reduce the prednisolone by 10mg a week and my next appointment is in November. I find it unbelievable that they expect me to live like this until then, I couldn’t take antihistamines over the weekend because they would effect the scratch tests and it was terrible, I was in so much pain and getting so stressed out I had 3 major panic attacks it got so bad. Not to mention that my Mum will hardly let me out her sight for fear I might have another episode, and breathing is very difficult whether it be because of the allergy or the stress, the allergy is responsible either way.

I’m going to see my doctor next week for another prescription, and I’m going to talk to him about it, apparently my cousin got fobbed off  by an NHS allergy clinic and then he went to some private clinic and they found he was allergic to fruit. I really don’t want to have to take antihistamines for the rest of my life waiting to go into shock again, I just need to know what is it so I can avoid it, prevention rather than cure.


One thought on “Allergy Clinic

  1. Meh. Apparently that allergy ‘specialist’ got herself some god-complex, huh?

    Anyway, what my cous-in-law had was much less alike to the post I showed you, coupled with hypertension. She *was* under rather stressful time (husband just retired & I reckon is much of a nagger at home). Her diet was pretty much vegetarian except on weekends (if they eat out). She’d had the full tests (blood, urine & stool) done in Singapore (Indonesian doctors don’t even have a clue), and the doc in s’pore said her stool sample had high overgrowth of bacteria. So no matter what she eats, she’ll get hives at random.

    Not sure what she’s taking these days, though. I’ll have to check with her.

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