New Blog Post?!

Im thinking about resurrecting this blog, I think itll do me good to write things down.

Anywho, I actually went to uni today, with good intentions, even though I started at 4PM today and its a Betts lecture, I just cant listen to her. Half way through the 2 hour lecture we have to go to another lecture theatre so Claire suggested that when the first half is over we just run away (like A LOT of people do when they remember how crap her lectures are). So we went to the student union, had a drink and chatted for about an hour. We’ve decided to do this fornightly since we don’t have any workshop classes together anymore, feels ages since we’ve talked properly.

Shes also trying to convince me to donate blood next week, which I would but I faint so easily, I want to though, I think I might….I will if Laura comes with me to take me back home if it goes badly.

I really do hope that America does the right thing today.


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