Kasabian Live Lounge Recording & O2 Academy Leicester

It was Kasabian day yesterday as part of the Radio 1 student tour, not surprisingly being proud Leicester lads, they opted to play at University of Leicester. Queuing from early morning for 8 hours to buy tickets to the evening show and being a UOL student meant I  managed to snag tickets to both events.


We had to get to the university bar for 9am, for the live lounge recording, now Ive never been to such an event/gig where I was the only one queueing, still it meant I had the first choice of where to stand. When we got inside the Radio 1 people were making people stand around where Fearne Cotton was talking but I just stayed around the performance area.


It was a long wait, made even longer by having to listen to Fearne’s show, but when Kasabian did play they were excellent, they played part of Re-wired for the soundcheck and Re-wired and a cover of Lana Del Rey’s Video Games. It sounded amazing just being in a tiny room with them and around 100 people. Inbetween songs they sat there talking to each other and playing their instruments.

We had to listen to Zane Lowe do his show live from Leicester’s O2 Academy before Kasabian’s set, including some questionable record choices considering he was infront of a Kasabian crowd. However before Kasabian came out he played Blur’s Song 2, so the crowd were pretty riled, then they came out and played Club Foot, everyone went mental.

They played a great set full of their singles, and a few from the new album, Velociraptor! and Days Are Forgotten was great and so was Goodbye Kiss, I think it was my favourite song. They were obviously happy to be playing Leicester, kept saying that they loved Leicester and the crowd went crazy for them, chanting for Leicester City FC. We were second row infront of Serge and gradually got pushed into the middle, the crowd just got worse as it went along, not even settling for the slower songs. Anyone who had travelled to the show could see how much Kasabian meant to the city.

Would love to see them again soon, although I’m doubtful by the size of their upcoming UK arena tour, aside from promotional shows such as this, that they’ll play Leicester again.

After the band left the stage, Tom stayed and talked about Leicester City FC and sang a football song.

Club Foot
Where Did All The Love Go?
Days Are Forgotten
Shoot The Runner
Man Of Simple Pleasures
Switchblade Smiles
Vlad The Impaler
Goodbye Kiss

My Videos

Goodbye Kiss
Vlad The Impaler (clip)


Jimmy Eat World Live

Support: Twin Atlantic

Leicester O2 Academy

My first time at Leicester’s new O2 Academy that I’ve been watching them build since its part of Leicester uni’s student union, it’s really nice in there, they keep getting good bookings for the venue and I think it’ll continue.

Twin Atlantic opened the show, they were good, nothing amazing but very good for an opener.

This was the first time I’ve seen Jimmy Eat World perform a headlining set, and I was impressed, they swiftly moved through a mixed setlist of newer and older stuff, including plenty from their Bleed American/Jimmy Eat World album (Bleed American, The Middle, Sweetness and You Hear Me). I noticed throughout the set how into the music Jim was hopping and dancing all over the stage. Although they don’t have much crowd interaction or interaction with each other, the audience is very much a spectator of the show rather than being a part of the show. All in all, they were excellent live, and I’d love to see them again.

Dissertation: Lego Collectors Tool

I’m going to start blogging about my dissertation project that I’ll be working on throughout my final year of university, it will be an online site for Lego collectors to use to keep track of the Lego bricks and pieces that they have, to start off I had to write a short project brief:

This project will provide LEGO collectors with an online tool that allows them to monitor and organise their LEGO collections and find information on available LEGO bricks in a database.

The site will provide a catalogue of LEGO bricks to which registered users can add new LEGO bricks and pieces to the catalogue, non registered visitors to the site will be able to view the catalogue but will not be able to edit it.

A registered user of the site will have their own account where they can save a record of all the LEGO pieces from the catalogue that they own, which they can edit at any time. The site will count how many of each brick the user has in each colour.

The site will also have records of LEGO sets. When logged in, the user can click to see if they have all the LEGO bricks required to make the set by clicking a button which will compare the set list and the list of bricks in their account.

Registered users will also be able to post lists of LEGO bricks that they want to buy and bricks that they would like to sell, other users can view these lists and make offers to that user.


Time permitting I hope to add more featured to the site also, as well as designing a user interface that is attractive and easy to navigate around.


I always get concerned when Johnny Depp does voices in film, I don’t think he has a particularly characteristic voice that you really need to give an animation it’s character, but then again, if say, Michael Caine was to voice something surely the whole time you’d be thinking, “hey, thats Michael Caine” rather than thinking of it as the character. Where it’s because I watch a lot of Johnny’s films it’s difficult for me to get past the “hey, that’s Johnny Depp” while listening to him voice a character, especially when he does his shouts that he does often in Pirates Of The Caribbean, and that Rango has an accent similar to the one his uses in Secret Window, regardless of that I think he voiced it well.

I really enjoyed the film the characters were charming and I felt sympathy with them as they were about to lose it all due to their water shortage and it made me laugh that they referred to water as vintages and measured their hats by water capacity. I thought it was a great film and recommend it, it’s also nice for a film to be 1 hour 40 minutes long, it was just long enough.

Allergy Clinic

So I went to the allergy clinic yesterday (after a 4 month wait for the appointment); I spent half an hour talking to the doctor about what I get, the urticaria, angioedema and anaphylaxis, since she hadn’t bothered to read my file, including the letter the hospital I was taken to when I went into shock, I had to tell her to read it. I then went for scratch tests for dogs, cats, wheat, dust mites, grass and something else, which all came back negative. (The + is the control).

I then had a breathing test done and an ECG which I’m pretty sure I had so she could try to prove I had asthma and my breathing difficulties were nothing to do with the allergy, my GP said it could be stress, which could be the case since my body doesn’t handle it well.

They also took some blood for testing to check my thyroid and iron levels because I’m a vegetarian and some other things.

All in all they weren’t very sympathetic, I’m taking high doses of prednisolone to hold back he symptoms so I wasn’t covered in urticaria like I would be without them so the urticaria didn’t look impressive, but then they knew I was taking them. She tried to convince me that I didn’t have anaphylaxis, that I just fainted and I would accept that if the doctors and nurses who resuscitated me weren’t saying it was anaphylaxis, also I’ve never choked nor vomited during a faint, or been unconscious for almost 10 minutes. They would have gave me EpiPens too if I hadn’t already got them, they didn’t seem too interested in finding the culprit rather than just hope it won’t happen again, they kept mentioning that they often never find what it is, but I at least expected them to put some effort into trying.

She’s told me to continue with the high doses of antihistamines and to reduce the prednisolone by 10mg a week and my next appointment is in November. I find it unbelievable that they expect me to live like this until then, I couldn’t take antihistamines over the weekend because they would effect the scratch tests and it was terrible, I was in so much pain and getting so stressed out I had 3 major panic attacks it got so bad. Not to mention that my Mum will hardly let me out her sight for fear I might have another episode, and breathing is very difficult whether it be because of the allergy or the stress, the allergy is responsible either way.

I’m going to see my doctor next week for another prescription, and I’m going to talk to him about it, apparently my cousin got fobbed off  by an NHS allergy clinic and then he went to some private clinic and they found he was allergic to fruit. I really don’t want to have to take antihistamines for the rest of my life waiting to go into shock again, I just need to know what is it so I can avoid it, prevention rather than cure.

My Garden: First Crops of 2011!

I haven’t planted much this year due to my operation and recovery keeping me out of the garden, but I managed to plant a few seeds for cucumbers, runner beans, tomato and strawberrys and well as cress and lettuce seeds which shot up and peas, onions and beetroot which I’m not sure are going to make it.

This week I’m happy to see my cucumbers have started to appear:
Cucumber plant

Also I think I put too many runner bean plants in my bean planter,
Runner beans

What I’m most excited about though, is my blackberry bush, which I planted last summer, and thought I’d never see and fruits, however after over a year of tending to it, I picked (a few) ripe blackberries, and they were delicious.